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My favorite way to stay centered is through yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for about 8 years now, and it has truly transformed my life. I don’t like to keep secrets! I want to share what I know with you.

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  • Increase your Self-Love with Sacral Chakra Affirmations

    Increase your Self-Love with Sacral Chakra Affirmations

    The Sacral Chakra is well-known for relationships– the relationships we have now and the patterns we carry with relationships. When you are trying to heal the Sacral Chakra it is best to focus on self-love. Self-love is what nourishes healthy relationships, and it is the most important aspect when you are entering a new relationship… Read more

  • Sacral Chakra Basics + Meditation

    Sacral Chakra Basics + Meditation

    Swadistana translates to “one’s own dwelling place” in Sanskrit. This energy center is the storehouse of our samskaras. These are the past mental impressions and patterns we carry with us through living life. These can also show up in the form of archetypes–the stories we habitually tell ourselves, as well as the patterns of our… Read more

  • Using Movement to be Present

    Using Movement to be Present

    Have you ever felt lost in your own head? I’m sure you have been there before; your thoughts keep coming into your head and it’s exhausting you. You want them to stop but you don’t know how. Maybe you are trying to sleep and experiences and conversations you have had throughout your day are keeping… Read more

  • Letting Go Meditation

    Letting Go Meditation

    Sometimes, we just need to let a situation, emotion, or person go. It can be difficult to let go of past experiences. Meditation can make this process easier. Holding space for that situation in your heart, thanking it and then letting it go can bring clarity and comfort surrounding this situation. You may need to… Read more

  • Root Chakra Affirmations to Become Grounded

    Root Chakra Affirmations to Become Grounded

    Strengthening your connection to the root chakra is one way to become more present and grounded in your life. It’s about connecting with nature, with your body and plant life.  Have you ever felt disconnected from what is happening around you? Root Affirmation Video Becoming Grounded When you feel ungrounded it feels as if you… Read more

  • Make your Dreams a Reality with Yoga

    Make your Dreams a Reality with Yoga

    There are many definitions of yoga that I have been introduced to over the years. Some say it is a state of connection within the mind, a form of meditation. Others say it is the connection between the mind and body, where the two become one. Another definition of yoga from an old mentor of… Read more