Feel at Home in your Body

Have you ever felt out of place? Sometimes we don’t know we are disconnected from our body until we make an effort to connect with it.

Maybe you feel as if you belong on another planet, or that this life is not meant to be yours. You may feel the need to make big changes fast so you feel better about things.

I have been there, and I know what it is like to want to jump into a completely new life. And there is nothing wrong with wanting change. We definitely need change.

The problem is when we try to jump into these changes too quickly as a way to escape our old life. When we do this, we risk actively disconnecting from our bodies, and this can be a form of trauma. In order to make changes in a healthy way, we need to make sure that our nervous system is ready for these changes.

The answer to making big changes is to start small, start within yourself, and get connected with your body, emotions, and current life. Once you start living your life in the present moment, things will change. You will come to realize things about yourself you have never considered before. Once you start becoming aware of your emotions in the present moment, you will be more ready for change than you ever have been while you were disembodied.

Real, small, physical changes are what is needed to help you feel at home in your body. To make you feel at home in your life. Trying to escape and escaping fast does not always work out for us.

This is why yoga can be so helpful in this process. In yoga we intentionally practice FEELING. We feel our physical body move. We notice any sensations we have in the moment. Eventually we start to discover our emotions, maybe for the first time in a while. These emotions will not always be pleasant, but they are what is really going on inside of us. We need to experience our current emotions fully before we can make these big changes we dream of.

You can start this process today! On the mat, or off the mat. Take notice of how you are feeling. Write it down if you need to. Take these changes slowly; this is the way to make lasting changes!!

Hi, I’m Rylie, a therapeutic yoga instructor from Salt Lake City. With 4 years of teaching experience and ongoing training with Optimal State, I’m passionate about helping others connect deeply to themselves through yoga and meditation. My mission is to promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness through personalized yoga practices and encourage self-awareness and self-compassion. I believe in the mind-body connection and strive to help others realize this for themselves. Let’s connect and grow our community together!

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