Heart Chakra Affirmations: Open Your Heart!

Affirmations have the ability to help the heart chakra to open up to the concepts of love, forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance. 

It’s all about love.

  1. Heart Chakra Affirmation Video
  2. Open Your Heart
  3. Affirmations for the Heart Chakra
    1. List of Affirmations

Heart Chakra Affirmation Video

Open Your Heart

It’s all about love. Accepting love into your life through opening the heart. Receiving love. Giving love. Letting love into your life. So many of us are closed off from love, no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. It is possible to find love in your heart at all times, with or without a romantic partner. Having this sense of love and peace generates the desire for connection with others.

Giving and receiving is a natural aspect of the heart chakra. When we give too much we are depleted. When we do not give enough, we cannot let go and find freedom. When we cannot receive help, we deny connection from others. When we ask too much from others, we become dependent on them. Forgiving others and yourself when you are out of balance is a result of an open heart.

At different times in our life we may find ourselves out of balance, and that is alright. Sometimes we need different things due to the situation we find ourselves in. When you start feeling off center and out of balance, then looking at opening the heart is a beautiful way to begin this balancing process. Showing self-compassion is a delightful way to exercise the heart chakra.

Affirmations are a great method to tap into the heart chakra, because the heart is a gentle place. Speaking affirmations to the heart is a beautiful practice. Over time, as you practice these affirmations, you will notice yourself feeling different than you did before. Even after one session of affirmations you can feel your heart chakra lighten.

Signs that your heart chakra is open is that you will naturally feel compelled to forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance. 

Affirmations for the Heart Chakra

List of Affirmations

  • I am free
  • I allow gratitude into my life
  • My heart knows the way
  • As I give, I receive
  • I appreciate myself
  • I accept myself
  • Love breathes through each aspect of my life
  • I release the pattern in me that resists unconditional love
  • Forgiveness sets me free
  • I appreciate each experience I have had in my life
  • I give with a grateful heart
  • I release any pattern in me that resists forgiveness
  • I am grateful to give and receive in my life
  • I choose to love freely
  • I release the pattern in me that resists acceptance
  • I accept everyone as they are, now
  • Unconditional love sets me free
  • I choose to receive freely
  • It is safe to keep my heart open
  • Accepting others as they are sets me free
  • I appreciate others in my life
  • It is safe to accept others
  • It is safe to forgive others
  • I allow unconditional love into my life
  • It is safe for me to forgive others freely
  • I release any resistance relating to love
  • Unconditional love is freedom
  • I choose to give freely
  • I allow myself to forgive others
  • I appreciate all forms of love in my life
  • My heart shows me my own path
  • My heart is open
  • Unconditional love allows others to be themself
  • Unconditional love allows me to be myself
  • Acceptance is living from the heart
  • I release any pattern in my that resists the natural flow of giving and receiving
  • An open heart is welcome in my life
  • I allow others to forgive me
  • I release the pattern in me that resists love
  • I love everyone as they are, now
  • Acceptance breathes through every aspect of my life
  • I receive with a thankful heart
  • There is enough love to give to everyone
  • I allow myself to accept others
  • I appreciate my life’s path
  • Unconditional love is welcome in my life
  • I forgive everyone as they are, now
  • I appreciate my open heart
  • I unconditionally love myself
  • I allow myself to receive love
  • I accept others
  • I allow myself to love others
  • Gratitude is my way of life
  • I forgive myself freely
  • I unconditionally love others
  • I am Love

Thank you for joining me in this heart chakra practice! Save this post for later and leave a comment below!

Hi, I’m Rylie, a therapeutic yoga instructor from Salt Lake City. With 4 years of teaching experience and ongoing training with Optimal State, I’m passionate about helping others connect deeply to themselves through yoga and meditation. My mission is to promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness through personalized yoga practices and encourage self-awareness and self-compassion. I believe in the mind-body connection and strive to help others realize this for themselves. Let’s connect and grow our community together!

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